The Party’s Never Over in Niagara

The Party’s Never Over in Niagara

You know what’s great about living in Niagara? Everything! We can enjoy all the fun of one of the world’s most famous attractions and barely have to spend a dollar on gas to get there. The whole sideshow is right in our own backyard.

Where else in the world can you strap on a pair of rental skates and swoop around on ice that overlooks Niagara Falls? The TD Rink at the Brink uses a fancy under-ice refrigeration system to make sure things stay solid. Twirl, whirl and do your best Patrick Chan imitation, right up to the end of February, no matter what the weather does. Be a sport – take the kids! Wouldn’t you rather be the coolest-parent-in-the-world for a change, instead of the clean-up-your-room-this-instant-Nazi?

If you’re fighting a little case of the winter blues what you need is fun! Try cross-country skiing or snowshoeing on the Bruce Trail – it runs right across the Niagara escarpment – or along the Welland Canal Trail. Both are absolutely free and are a wonderful way to warm up to winter. Not a fan of getting cold? No worries! You can enjoy Niagara’s beauty from the warmth of your car by taking a cruise along the iconic Niagara Parkway. Winston Churchill once called it “the most prettiest Sunday afternoon drive in the world” and we think he was probably right.

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