Wedding Budget Blues?

As the planning begins for your big day, dollar signs start running through your mind. (and your mothers, fathers, in-laws, neighbors, dog…. you get the point!)    One way to cut down on the costs of your nuptials is to break away from the same old, same old Saturday wedding – hold your wedding on a Friday or Sunday!

A point to consider is the fact that you can completely stray away from what nearly every bride is doing this year and dare to be different.  If a Friday wedding is what interests you, it will likely be in the evening.  Considering a lot of venues/DJs charge by the hour you will be saving time (& $$$) by having the reception immediately after the ceremony. You can also opt out of the typical sit down, plated menus and hold a more intimate, relaxed, hors d’oeuvre style reception. How romantic, right? On the opposite end of the spectrum, you could really step out of the box and hold a Sunday morning ceremony and a luncheon to follow.  Not only is this cost effective but, it also lets you get creative and hold a quaint tea/sandwich afternoon luncheon – unlike any other bride this season!

Most venues actually offer more cost friendly packages and options for your convenience if you hold your special day on a Friday or Sunday.  This not only helps your budget, but they are more than happy to accommodate you considering those days tend to be slower for them. You can also take advantage of this slower period when choosing your date.  Since most weddings take place on a Saturday, you more than likely will be able to choose the date you’ve been dreaming of without any hassle.

Now, of course you will have a few guests (we all know there will be someone!) that will complain about a Friday or a Sunday wedding for the obvious reasons – they will need to take a day off work to accommodate your day or they may bail early if they choose to work on the Monday.  My advice:  you cannot please everyone so tough luck for those who don’t agree!  In the end, it is your wedding and your choice. Explore all your options and choose one that will help you have the wedding of your dreams!

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  1. Jen

    6 March

    Friday night mashtinis or Sunday brunch mimosas both sound good to me!