Summer Skin Shine

Summertime is the undisputed seasonal champ for kicking-back and relaxing. The warm weather, the longer days, and the glorious sun!  For Canadians, after a long winter hibernation, summer sun is more anticipated than the next iPhone release. And as you spend hours basking in its warm glow outside, whether lounging or playing, your skin is being exposed to some not so good stuff.  Intense UVA and UVB rays can lead to some seriously painful sunburns, premature skin aging (wrinkles!) and even skin cancer. So it’s safe to say your skin will thank you if you take a little time out for some summer skin TLC.

How do I pick a sunscreen?
SPF, which stands for sun protection factor, is an important part of your choice. The SPF (typically 30-60) indicates the amount of time more than normal you will be protected in the sun. So if you burn in ten minutes with no sunscreen and use SPF 15, you would be protected for 150 minutes. It’s never an exact science though…to ensure its effectiveness you need to apply a healthy coat at least 30 minutes before going outdoors and then reapply every two hours. Reapply sooner if swimming or sweating. You should also ensure that the sunscreen you choose is broad spectrum which means it protects from both UVB – sunburns and UVA-deeper skin aging and skin cancer. For the more discerning types, organic sunscreens are a great choice as they offer protection and typically apply slightly whitish indicating they will stay above the skin and not add toxins by migrating way down into your cells. Also, believe it or not, sunscreen actually expires, so make sure to get a new bottle every year.

What else can I do for my skin?
There are a variety of other simple steps to add into your routine to make your summer skin shines. Keep covered up as much as possible, especially during peak midday sunlight, by wearing SPF clothing and a broad-brimmed hat. Keep your skin extra fit by getting plenty of sleep and eating a balanced diet. Antioxidants found in fruits, vegetables and plants protect against environmental cellular damage, aid in blood flow and increase the regenerative process. Finally, maintain a healthy skin care regimen which includes a daily moisturizer infused with SPF protection such as Priori’s Daily Defense SPF 30. To celebrate summer, the Spa at White Oaks currently has a variety of sun friendly skin products on sale at 30% off. Bring on the Sun!

Jenny is a much travelled Spa Director, who minors in daredeviling. Having managed several major luxury hotel spa brands, including The Spa at White Oaks, she embraces the wellness world and "Spa" life, with a special passion for skin care.


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