Making Grand Events

Making Grand Events

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It’s always the little things that count. Especially when it comes to planning a good event, little details can turn out to be the ones that matter most! You gotta give props to good props. For any type of event, whether it be conference, daymeeting, banquet, team building or wedding, subtle touches to the decor add your personalized flair, and may very well be what guests end up remembering most about the experience. So when planning your event, take the time to come up with something unique that people aren’t likely to have seen anywhere else. Here are a few ways to go big:

Snazzy Decor
Don’t be afraid to to stray from the conventional here…it’s often easy start with a table piece and go from there. Harmonize the room around that, making sure that colors and textures and lighting all set the mood you want. And when in doubt…something seasonal always works out well.


Creative Props
Something really creative as a centre piece to the room is a great ice-breaker and will ensure your event is talked about for months to come. Something that is visually interesting is great, and something that has a little interactivity or ties in with the purpose of the gathering, takes it that one step further.

Food Art
Snacks don’t have to just sit around waiting to be eaten. They can be something quite experiential when formed into an enticing and unusual display. People like to chow down on great food, but making it an experience in itself won’t go unnoticed by your attendees.

Adding a little flair to your event goes a long way…and not to worry. If your event happens to be in Niagara, White Oaks Conference Resort has a dedicated team of planners and stagers ready to help you make any event unforgettable!

Is a painty design make picture person who has done work for for clients across North America. Currently the Interactive Designer at White Oaks, he does his best to make sure everything is good in the blog hood.


  1. Traci Luongo

    31 July

    I agree! Decor can go a long way, at a minimal cost and adding the WOW into your event. I personally love to incorporate food into the decor, you can kill two birds with one stone – yummy food to eat and the ability to add some colour and style into your event! Great read!

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