The Chef’s Garden

chef's garden

For many restaurants, fresh ingredients are something much talked about, but end up being more mythological than real when the food is finally served. Quite the opposite at LIV Restaurant, where Executive Chef Michael Price has held firm on his philosophy that fresh local ingredients are a key component to any gourmet meal. Not only does LIV take advantage of the abundant local produce in the Niagara Region, he’s even gone so far as to plant a vegetable and herb garden on property at White Oaks Resort & Spa.

“There is nothing better than going outside on a beautiful day to pick fresh ingredients for a meal you are about to create. The fragrant smell of basil and the perfectly ripe tomatoes instantly inspire great salad ideas for the evening,” says Chef Price. “Usually a conversation happens as guests walk by, curious about what meal the herbs are going to be used for.”




The garden, a secluded gazebo area amongst the larger nature filled grounds, gives harvest to numerous tasty treats including several types of tomato, peppers, eggplant and rhubarb. As well, it produces a fresh supply of must-have flavourful herbs ranging from basil and oregano to thyme and rosemary.

A passion for freshness is always the secret, not-so secret ingredient at LIV Restaurant.

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