Calling All Electric Cars

Calling All Electric Cars

electric car charger

Continuing on with its commitment to environmentally sound operations and with an eye to the future, White Oaks Resort & Spa is pleased to be the first hotel in Niagara with an electric vehicle charging station. The station, not unlike other valet parking spots at the front entrance, minus its green paint, is part of the Sun Country Highway system. Capable of delivering enough energy to fuel a car’s highway trip, the charging process takes about twenty minutes. Vice President of Sales at Sun Country, Christopher Misch believes setting up a sustainable electric vehicle infrastructure in Canada is a great way to take an active role in improving the world for future generations.

Just one of the many new green initiatives at White Oaks, the project was simply too great an opportunity to pass up. Not only do electric cars reduce carbon emissions…they are also quickly gaining in popularity.
” The choice to go electric vehicle friendly was a real no-brainer for us,” says Richard Reid, Executive Director of Sales and Operations at White Oaks. “We hope to see more and more electric cars stopping to refuel or stay at the property. It’s the way of the future.”

Take a video tour of the charge station!

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