Soup and a Sandwich

Soup and a Sandwich

Winter (and it’s frigid temperature) brings with it many traditions. Some, like shovelling hills of snow from the driveway are not quite cherished, while others like the age-old body warming combination of a tasty soup and sandwich, deliver more soothing memories. There is nothing quite like a hearty comfort meal on a cold day, to toast you up both inside and out.

It’s really hard to go wrong with a simple formula that has existed since the beginnings of cuisine. Pair one soup, with one sandwich. Eat. Enjoy. Dip sandwich in soup if necessary. The chef team at Play Urban Cafe in Niagara-on-the-Lake know all about comfort foods, with a menu shared between the usual sinfully delicious pub fare suspects and artful reduxes on old classics.

To get your winter comfort feast going, start off by diving into a healthy bowl of simmering Minestra soup. Or go with ever-changing freshly made Soup of the Day. Continue to indulge your tastebuds, with one of over ten well-portioned sandwich choices on the menu. Everything is covered including the California Club, Classic Reuben and Turkey Zinger ranging to the more creative Creamy Tandoori Chicken and Seafood BLT.

“It’s all about keeping the classics classic, and adding in a little flair where you can” says Executive Chef Michael Price. “You don’t want to mess with something that’s already great. And when looking at comfort food pairs that are just meant to be together, soups and sandwiches on a winter day are simply magical.”

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