Guy’s Guide to Spa Gifts

Guy’s Guide to Spa Gifts

guys guide to spa gifts

For many well-meaning males, Valentine’s Day can be a stressful event. How to properly express your love and affection to your sweetheart through a gift is challenging enough, but then with the ante upped and romantic expectations at dangerous levels, a bad gift can result in an immediate trip to the doghouse.  Picture Fred Flintstone, whose heartfelt gift of a new bowling ball just never seemed to go over as good as expected with Wilma.

Aside from the old standbys of flowers, chocolates and wine, one thing women truly appreciate is being pampered. After all, taking care of you all year long has a way of wearing a person down, surprisingly. Spas can be confusing places where men seldom tread, so knowing the basic terminologies can go a long way in helping you pick out the gift of the year.

Massages come in many forms, most of which involve manipulation of the bodies soft tissues and joints. Best to stick with massage geared towards relaxation, and less manly man deep tissue sporty. You may also hear terms like reflexology, aromatherapy and hot stones. All good and all relaxing. For extra romance, you can go with a couples re-connect massage, where you and your partner enjoy side-by-side treatment…though if you are the largest cause of the stress being removed, you may want to sit this one out.

Manicure & Pedicure:
Hands and feet. You may have heard these known as mani/pedis. Women like their hands and feet to be smooth and well-taken care of, with pretty coloured nail polish. You also enjoy this. Win, Win. More extensive versions of manicures and pedicures include massages of those areas as well. The only thing to look out for with these treatments is if your sweetheart does not like her feet to be touched. If so, choose a safer option.

Pampering of the facial skin with a variety of treatments. Basically, an assortment of scrubs and moisturizers are applied with tremendous benefits to the skin. Selections of facial ingredients include  coffeeberry, seaweed mud, aromatherapy and any number of unusual ingredients. Benefits include
reduced tension, reduced wrinkles, firmer skin, invigoration, healthier skin cells, environmental protection and radiance.

Body Wrap & Body Glow: Both of these are full body exfoliations. A body wrap cocoons the body in warm blankets to the let products work their magic and then soaks in a hydrotherapy bath while a glow is a quicker treatment with exfoliation followed by a warm rich Vichy shower. Wraps and glows are also full of many interesting ingredients including Strawberry Moisturizer, Rich Honey Salt, Shea Body Butter, Yogurt and Blueberry Milk.

Just remember pamper, pamper, pamper. It’s tough to go wrong with any luxurious spa treatment provided by skilled professionals, so this Valentine’s Day be safe, sweet and suave and give the gift of Wellness.

Jenny is a much travelled Spa Director, who minors in daredeviling. Having managed several major luxury hotel spa brands, including The Spa at White Oaks, she embraces the wellness world and "Spa" life, with a special passion for skin care.