Championship Moment

championship moment

At White Oaks we like to find ways to go the extra mile, or as we like to call it create a WOW moment for our guests. A WOW moment is simply something we do to make your time at White Oaks just a little more unforgettable. Just this past month we had an awesome WOW moment take place that we could not resist sharing with you.

It all started when our conference planner Matt had met with Allstream, a company planning a conference at White Oaks and discovered that during their time here they were interested in playing ball hockey in the multi-purpose gym. An organized ball hockey tournament had never taken place here but that didn’t matter – Matt was going to make it happen! He quickly researched ball hockey equipment and had it sent in for the special event.

Matt, being a naturally competitive guy decided that it would be a great WOW moment to make a trophy for the winning team – and to give the winner some bragging rights! He began collecting soup cans from the kitchen and over the course of three weeks started to build the trophy. Once he had the structure created he went out and purchased metallic silver paint to really give this ‘Allstream Cup’ shine! If this wasn’t enough, he took it to the next level by getting their logo printed on the trophy – it looked amazing!

Very eager and excited to show the group what he had created for them, he arranged to have a presentation of the Cup before the game. He carried the trophy out in a locked case (wearing white gloves and all) and unveiled it to the teams in the multi-purpose gym. According to Matt, “To see the reaction of the group was all worth it. They loved it! Once the game was finished the winning team took turns running around the gym with the Allstream Cup above their heads.” The Cup was then displayed in their meeting the next day, on stage for all to see. A member of the group took it home afterwards as a keepsake.

The really cool thing about Wow moments, is the good vibes don’t end up just for the recipient. Team members like Matt and others all agree that they end up totally wowing themselves as well. A double whammy of wow, that is for sure. Stay tuned for more random acts of over-the-top service and under-cover customer surprises to come…

From time to time White Oaks shares contributions from tourism and promotional partners who share our passion for luxury experiences


  1. Julie

    28 February

    this is a great wow moment!