Lost & Found Reunion

Lost & Found Reunion

lost and found

At White Oaks we like to find ways to go the extra mile, or as we like to call it create a WOW moment for our guests. A WOW moment is simply something we do to make your time at White Oaks just a little more unforgettable. Just this past month we had an awesome WOW moment take place that we could not resist sharing with you.

It is so easy to leave something behind when you’re traveling. We see this first hand at the resort. It could be something so insignificant you don’t even know you forgot it – or it could be something so important that you simply cannot sleep without it.

This was the case with Lambie. Lambie is a beloved plush friend of one of our smaller guests, Laura. She accidently left Lambie behind while here with her family. She didn’t notice right away but her mom sure did. Trying to avoid a meltdown once Laura found out, she quickly called White Oaks in a panic wondering if we had found Lambie. Our Xerox Business Centre Manager, Kathy took the phone call. She assured the worried mom that Lambie was safe and sound. She was relieved to hear the good news! Since her daughter hadn’t noticed that Lambie was missing yet, her mom decided that they would wait until March break to come back and pick it up.

Well, that was short lived! Laura started waking up in the middle of the night looking for her Lambie. Her mom called back and asked if we could ship Lambie back after all. Kathy realized how important this plush friend was to Laura so she went out and bought a photo album and began taking pictures of all the adventures Lambie was having while at White Oaks. She packaged it all up and sent Lambie back to Laura.

Laura waited anxiously and checked the mail everyday until Lambie finally returned safe and sound. She was so happy and excited to see the photo album that Kathy had made and thought it was neat to see everyone that Lambie had met along the way. They even sent us this cute video as a thank you for taking such great care of Lambie. Hopefully Laura can sleep soundly now that she has her Lambie back!

The really cool thing about Wow moments, is the good vibes don’t end up just for the recipient. Team members like Kathy and others all agree that they end up totally wowing themselves as well. A double whammy of wow, that is for sure. Stay tuned for more random acts of over-the-top service and under-cover customer surprises to come…

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