Sheer Sunscreen Joy

Sheer Sunscreen Joy

sheer sunscreen

Finally, summer is here and we are getting some beeea-u-tiful weather! What better way to enjoy it than to get outside and soak up that sunshine. My summer activities include concerts, concerts and more concerts – all outdoors of course. We all know that it is extremely important to protect your skin on sunny days but one of the biggest misconceptions is that you won’t get burnt on a cloudy/overcast day. This couldn’t be farther from the truth! Sometimes, our cloudy days can have a higher UV index than on a sunny day – so, it is still important to have SPF protection!

I’m all for sun safety but, the problem for me is I hate that sticky, messy feeling it leaves behind – not to mention it completely ruins your make up. (Okay, so maybe this isn’t a problem for everyone but girls you can definitely relate with me on this one!)

While complaining about this problem before my last concert, our Spa Director overheard my ranting and told me that she has the perfect solution. I was obviously very skeptical. If there was something out there I would have already heard of it, right?

She took me down to the Spa and introduced me to Colorescience Mineral Sunscreen. It is a mineral based powder with SPF 30 and ultimately, is magic in a bottle. It can be translucent or have a slight tint if you need a little help with the bronzing. I was wary at first, thinking that this powder wouldn’t provide enough protection and I would be burnt in no time, but that wasn’t the case at all. It is all I use now and I cannot express enough how fantastic this powdered sunscreen is!!!

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