Brown Bagging it… WO-style

Brown Bagging it… WO-style

There’s a new lunch bag in White Oaks Town… and they are flying off the shelves. It’s a miracle these pics aren’t filled with the hungry hands that quickly snapped up these newly designed fun and fresh lunch vessels. But… it’s a private party people! Only on-site conference delegates are on the inside track to receiving this hefty bag of healthy lunch options. What hasn’t changed is: this attendee-on-the-go-midday-meal is packed with healthy sustenance and a sassy snack (or two) to see you through any afternoon blood-sugar dips, day-trips and brainstorming blips! With a rainbow of fresh flavours – TUNA, VEGETARIAN, TURKEY, CHICKEN SALAD, DELI/ASSORTED and GLUTEN-FREE – it’s pretty much the hottest thing going in cold lunch!


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