Wedding WOWment

At White Oaks we like to find ways to go the extra mile, or as we like to call it create a WOW moment for our guests. A WOW moment is simply something we do to make your time at White Oaks just a little more unforgettable. Just this past month we had an awesome WOW moment take place that we could not resist sharing with you.

Weddings are big events on a big day that demand perfection. Unfortunately, even the best planners know that last minute emergencies can be unpredictable and strike at any time. The experienced team at White Oaks Weddings relishes the challenge and has never met an “emergency” they couldn’t handle. We recently helped a bride get hitched without a hitch at her Niagara wedding thanks to some speedy seamstressing.

Wedding Coordinator Josie responded to a bridal alarm only to find out that an expectant bridesmaid was no longer fitting into her dress. As the group scrambled for solutions, Josie pieced together an idea. Her mom happened to be a seamstress, and with a quick call the bridesmaid was dispatched to her and returned within the hour, in time for the wedding. The dress had been altered perfectly, sticking to its original design. The bride was relieved, and able to enjoy a magnificent day.

From time to time White Oaks shares contributions from tourism and promotional partners who share our passion for luxury experiences


  1. Kurtis McCartney

    8 July

    An on staff seamstress seems like a real luxury. Literally tailor made solutions.