Cardio + Tennis = Perfect Match

Cardio + Tennis = Perfect Match


cardio tennis


Since I am currently the newbie in the White Oaks tennis department at the Club, I decided to attend a regular fitness department staff meeting to introduce myself and to get to know our trainers. As I was chatting with Gillian Johnson, the Club’s Director of Human Performance, we immediately saw an opportunity to join forces. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could combine her expertise in fitness and my skills in tennis to design a unique workout class tailored to our White Oaks members? It would be the perfect marriage of a challenging and intense workout, paired with quality court time, all coming together in the form of ‘Cardio Tennis’.

‘What is cardio tennis?’ you may ask. Most of us are familiar with the latest trends in fitness classes, such as incorporating dance moves along with high intensity cardio movement. The options for getting in a great workout that elevates your heart rate have expanded beyond pounding the pavement or hopping on an elliptical at the gym. Thanks to an abundance of fresh new fitness class ideas, you can achieve your cardio workout goal while learning something new and having fun too. We all know tennis can be an amazing workout if you are playing an intense match with a challenging opponent, but you won’t always achieve a sustained level of cardio exertion every time that you step onto the court. Enter cardio tennis; a combination of cardio conditioning with a racquet in hand, and it all plays out on a tennis court.

Not only does cardio tennis add some amazing variety to your exercise routine, but it’s a workout that’s perfect for anyone. You don’t need any prior tennis experience to take a class, so no need to feel intimidated if you have never picked up a racquet, but even an experienced player will feel challenged. Classes are perfect for a range of age groups and you are guaranteed to burn some calories, all while having fun and working on your tennis game.

Gillian and I have been putting our minds together to craft a cardio tennis class which is custom-fit for our members at White Oaks, and we know you will love it. This will be a unique opportunity to combine focused conditioning with court time. Watch for upcoming information from The Club at White Oaks for all the details on how to get signed up. See you on the court

Is a Latin tennis professional extraordinaire at White Oaks. He hails from Chile (no he is not faking that alluring accent) and recently traded California’s sunshine for Niagara’s beauty. He is passionate about tennis, great clothes and anything that involves good food. Put the three together and it’s a perfect day.