Yoga Go Girl

yoga pose

I remember feeling somewhat awe-struck when a friend of mine posted this picture on my Facebook wall a little over a year ago. Granted, when she posted it, it was accompanied by a sassy comment about the pants having silicone grip to prevent me from falling on my face. While I was indeed intrigued by the grippy tights (she knows me so well), I was more so fascinated by the pose itself and wondered how in the hell this girl had finagled her body into this position and managed to hold it long enough to have a picture taken. Surely, my little noodle arms would never allow for this!

So, when I was aimlessly surfing through my Facebook photos not too long ago, this one popped up and I suddenly realized that I can, in fact, rock this pose now. Me and my little noodle arms have accomplished something I had never thought possible! I mean, before starting yoga I couldn’t even do a push up – seriously. It’s funny how sometimes you need a little reminder like this to make you step back and take a look at what you have accomplished. We are so quick to conquer and immediately move on to tackling the next project/goal/endeavour and not fully appreciate what we have just achieved. Take the time to give yourself a little pat on the back every now and then, be proud of your accomplishments and never doubt your own potential. You may do a proverbial – or even literal – faceplant in the pursuit of your goal, but in the process you’ve learned something critical to your ultimate success. Brush it off and give it another go!

Trust me, you can and will surprise yourself, you are capable of so much more than you know.

Is a quirky and creative graphic designer here at White Oaks. When she’s not nestled behind her laptop, she’s likely to be found in the gym, meal prepping, DIY’ing, concert going or just Netflixing with a nice glass of red.


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