Worry-Free Fitness

Now is a good time to get fit and be healthy, so don’t let the fear of being judged by fit people at your local gym keep you from working out. Taking care of your health is ultra important because a fit body allows you to experience all the exciting moments that life has to offer. You don’t have be fit to get in shape, you just need to have a plan to help you find the Fitness Club that will work best for you. Here are some helpful tips to support your gym search along with no fail strategies to eliminate the intimidation feelings you face when trying some place new….

1. Get a Referral – just like choosing a vacation or restaurant, check in with your network to gather recommendations from your friends. Where do they work out? What’s great about their gym? You want to join a club that is fun because exercise is more engaging when you feel like you could fit in with the crowd.

2. What’s Your Style?  – define your work out style. Do you want group classes to motivate you or are you just looking for weights and cardio equipment?  Would yoga be a great idea or maybe you want to play tennis too? Check out what’s included with the membership to get the best possible value for your investment.

3. Location, location – tackling a new exercise habit is challenging, so don’t let travel time create a barrier to getting to the gym. Find a club that is relatively close to work or home so that you don’t waste valuable workout time in transit. Choose close so you can get there often.

4. Who’s on the Team? – as much as having lots of nice equipment is important, you should be able to rely on the staff at the Club to help you be successful in your new health quest. Is the team professional, friendly and helpful? Do you trust their expertise to help you achieve your goals?

5. Try before you Buy – Visit the club during the times that you would normally want to exercise to see the traffic flow, the membership volume and get a sense of the gym vibe. Once you have had a tour, ask for a free week trial to check it out for yourself. Go with a friend and experience the work out culture first hand. Does this club fit your personality? Are you happy working out here? Excited to come back? Fit people are generally a very friendly and happy bunch. Most are so passionate about exercise, eating well and being healthy that they are always looking to talk fitness with others who share a dedication to being healthy. Everyone in a gym has a story to share – most have battled weight struggles, health scares or just really care about living a vibrant life. Don’t judge others because they are fit – join them instead !!!!