Spa Gift Guide

lady at spa

So….you really blew the Christmas gift thing, huh?  How were you to know she’d find a weight-watchers membership insulting? And what woman wouldn’t want a Scumbuster to help her get all that soapy crud off the sides of the bathtub? It was hardly your fault – she’s just so picky.

The good news is that you don’t have to live in the doghouse permanently. You can redeem yourself on Valentine’s Day – and The Spa at White Oaks is here to help you.

A spa treatment – luxurious, indulgent, healing and oh-so-generous-on-your-part – is the answer. She’ll love it and with any luck, she’ll love you…again…soon. Not sure which treatment or treatments to choose? Take a quick look at the The Spa at White Oaks web page:

A little overwhelmed by the choices? Here’s a spa-virgin’s primer:


Are always great and can range from therapeutic (firm and designed to work out all the kinks) to relaxing (gentle and aromatic) and can even be booked for couples (See? There’s something in this for you too!)

Body treatments

Involve scrubs and wraps and will have lingering effects, leaving your lady-love’s skin feeling smoothed and moisturized.

Are a lovely option (but don’t book one for the day of a big event, since the cleansing portion of the treatment can sometimes redden the skin for a short time.)

Manicures and pedicures
Are always a great choice – particularly if followed by the announcement of an impending trip to Tahiti where sandals can be worn to show off pretty toes!

Eyebrow and eyelash tinting
And a variety of hair removal services are available, but probably best booked by your beloved herself. Suggesting that she requires hair removal treatments could bring you dangerously close to Scumbuster territory again.


When planning your Valentine surprise, remember that for Christmas you gave your precious mate a cleaning appliance and a big hint about losing weight. You’re lucky you’re still alive…so be grateful and think big! You might want to consider one of the packages that includes more than one treatment, creating a half or full day of spa bliss. In fact, if you’ve been sleeping on the couch since December 25th, you should consider adding a stay at our luxurious hotel and a dinner at LIV, our fine dining restaurant.

Btw…when your love life heats up significantly, you’ll have us to thank for it.

You’re welcome.

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