Rad Dad Gifts

fathers day gifts golfing

Remember last Father’s Day when your husband got so excited about that tie you got him?

No you don’t…because it didn’t happen. In fact, when he opened that box, it was the yawn heard ‘round the world. Let’s see if we can do better this year, shall we?

We’ve assembled seven savvy suggestions to help you knock his socks off (yup…those socks. The really boring ones you gave him the year before the tie…) Read them and steer clear of gentleman’s accessories altogether!

1. Give him a wine tasting adventure. (Lord knows, we have enough wineries in Niagara – more than 200 at last count!) Tour the vineyards, let him sample all he likes but keep your own consumption modest because you’re the designated driver. Better yet…get one of your older kids to drive so you can both indulge.

2. Plan a family picnic at the beach. He gets a day off work…and away from the yard cleanup…as well as a great lunch and a chance to bask in the sun with his favourite people. Throw in a new frisbee and some sunblock.

3. How about a gift certificate for some new squash gear at Pam’s Pro Shop? Let him choose his own treats. He’ll feel like he can take on the world with a new racquet!

4. Buy a gift certificate for Play Urban Cafe and another for the movie theatre. Give him enough to cover everyone so it’s a whole-family outing. He gets to choose the movie (yes, he does…even if it’s about car crashes or space aliens). Everyone goes – no one complains about his choice.

5. If he’s not a movie buff, how about a gift certificate for a lesson from his favourite pro at the golf club?

6. Maybe a couple of sessions with a personal trainer at The Clubat White Oaks might be just the thing. If Dad’s been doing the same workout for months and is feeling as if he’s hit a plateau, a personal trainer might be just what he needs to re-energize. Give him a couple of private sessions or set him up with a group. Who knows? He might meet a workout buddy! Better yet – you be that workout buddy and do the sessions with him!

7. Why don’t you help Dad get in touch with his feminine side by booking him a facial…or a pedicure…or a lovely massage at The Spa at White Oaks? Get him a gift certificate if you think he’ll ever get around to using it or better yet, book it for a time when you know he’ll be free. Make sure you leave the apres-massage time slot empty and encourage him to come home for a long nap when his treatment is finished. Be an extra good sport and arrange for him to take home a couple of the products used in his massage or facial.

Is a travel writer with weekly columns in the Toronto Star, various other newspapers and tripatlas.com. She's a thrilled to be a blog contributor, and is inspired by the people she's met through White Oaks.