Leap into Fall

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I have no idea why January is the start to the new year when September is the obvious choice. Ask any kid. When the classroom doors open for the first time, it’s a new year. No matter how old I am, when those first leaves turn colour, I just know I should be buying a new binder and a set of coloured pencils. Where’s my back to school outfit anyway? Even if it’s been a few (or quite a few) years since you darkened the door of a schoolhouse, you can still recapture that ‘back to school’ sense of rejuvenation by opening your mind to a fresh start. Why not….


Take a course at Brock or Niagara College. You don’t have to commit to an entire degree…just an interest course. Learn to speak another language, take a novel-writing class or polish up your cooking skills. It’ll be an excuse to buy that new binder!


Organize your home office. Throw out old files and treat yourself to new pens and pads.

Change Things Up

Change your hairstyle.  Shorter? Darker? Lighter? Shave it off altogether? You’ll look and feel very different! Try a new cut of jeans – switch skinny for bootcut or go all out with the new wide legs. Ladies…switch up the lipstick from summer pastel to something richer and stronger for the cool days ahead. When you look different, you feel different.


Sign up for a new exercise class at the Club – and make it something you’ve never done before. If you’re a tennis player, try yoga. If Pilates has always been your thing, try spinning. Your brain will be as challenged as your body.

Slow Down

Commit to taking a walk every day – without listening to your iPod.  Look, smell and feel the coming of autumn as you swish through the falling leaves.

Chart New Territory

Plan a trip for the spring – and then prepare for it by reading everything you can about your destination. Get excited as you get educated!


Listen to a Ted Talk on your computer or iPad every night while you’re making dinner. There are thousands of topics (go to TedTalks.com) and every speaker is good. You’ll be entertained as you learn something and get a meal on the table – all at the same time.


Instead of giving something up, add something to your diet – like an extra daily serving of fruit and vegetables, or nutrient-rich lentils or a leafy green vegetable you don’t usually eat. Eat it for a month and see what you think.


Try a new hobby that gives your creative side a chance to shine. Go to a craft store and buy a simple set of water colour paints and a pad of paper, get a good drawing pencil or sign up for a one-night intro class in jewelry design. You might find a new passion!


Buy chalk and a chalk board to use for your family memo station. Who doesn’t love to write with chalk?  And, if you’re really good, you can go outside afterwards to bang the brushes together!

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