Sweat Like a Boss

girl drinking water

Some days I just don’t have the energy for a full force workout, know what I mean? We’ve all been there, you have the best intentions of going to the gym and getting your sweat on either in class, cardio or weight room, but sometimes you simply can’t muster the strength do it.

No problem. You can still hit the gym and sweat it out, albeit in a less traditional fashion…The Executive Workout. Completely customizable with any combination of: hot tub, sauna and steam room, and heck, while you’re at it maybe throw in a massage or spa treatment…jussayin’!

Now some of you may scoff at this idea, but there is certainly merit in taking a little “me time”. I think a lot of us feel the need to push ourselves to the max, 100% of the time, but in a physical environment that can lead to fatigue and/or injury. These three (seemingly indulgent) amenities pack some serious health benefits that are a great compliment to any fitness regime:

HOT TUB: Buoyancy helps to relax your muscles and relieve pressure on your joints while the hot water increases blood flow and decreases blood pressure.

SAUNA: Flush out toxins while relaxing your muscles and joints and even burning some calories (not quite as many as spin class). Saunas even cleanse your skin and can help induce a deeper sleep.

STEAM ROOM: Hydrate and cleanse your skin, eliminate body toxins, increase blood circulation and metabolism, relieve stress and relax sore muscles. Steam rooms even help with cold and flu symptoms!

That all being said, consider putting down the weights one day a week, or pencil in some extra time post-­‐workout to relax and revitalize! You’re in this body for the long haul, take care of it, pamper it, give it a break once in a while and keep it running smoothly for years to come.

**Please note: I am NOT a doctor, I’ve done some internet research on the benefits of these wondrous facilities, however am far from an expert on the adverse effects if you happen to have, say, a heart condition. Please consult with your actual doctor prior to use if you are pregnant, have a heart condition or asthma.

Is a quirky and creative graphic designer here at White Oaks. When she’s not nestled behind her laptop, she’s likely to be found in the gym, meal prepping, DIY’ing, concert going or just Netflixing with a nice glass of red.