Harvest Happy Winter Plans

Harvest Happy Winter Plans

couple happy in fall leaves

Ah fall. Time to reap what we’ve sowed.  Haul in the hay and pile up the pumpkins. Yeah…and then what?

What are we all going to do when the days get shorter, the nights get colder and there’s that nasty white stuff all over the ground?  I say it’s time to harvest our good intentions and lay in a supply of activities and plans to keep us busy all winter. Now’s the time to check out new things to keep us entertained – and you’ll find Niagara is bursting at the seams with ideas. Look around – you can’t miss ‘em.

Cook Up a Storm

As I was wheeling my shopping cart out of the store the other day, I noticed a poster listing cooking classes with a great local chef. They’re being offered at the Superstore on Fourth St. in St. Catharines, through the PC Cooking School. Want the details? Give them a call at 905-984-8408.

Sparkle and Shine

While you’re tapping into your creative side, why not drape yourself in sparkly stuff – stuff you make? If you were really on the ball, you could get started now and have a whole bunch of cool Christmas presents made in time for the big December 2-5! BEAD-dazzled, a funky little store on Martindale Avenue in St. Catharines, offers classes both day and evening, and sells you all the beads and baubles you need to make your masterpieces. Check them out at

Keep on Movin’

Maybe what you need to warm up those cold November nights is a bit of dancing with your darling. Sign up for the new lessons now being offered at White Oaks and by New Year’s Eve, you and your hot-footed honeybunch will be ready to knock ‘em dead on the dance floor.

Holiday Heavy?

Worried about that winter weight gain that always seems to sneak up on you? Get the jump on it by signing up for something bouncy and busy at the Club. Take tennis lessons, do a yoga class you haven’t tried before or maybe give squash a whirl. If you get started now, you could be so skinny by Christmas, you’ll have to have extra helpings at dinner just to keep your weight up!

Don’t wait for that first really frosty grey day to arrive. Prepare your anti-winter-blues arsenal of ideas today and you might just find yourself looking forward to the cool days ahead.

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