Buzzing About Our Bees

Buzzing About Our Bees

honey bees


The bees have arrived! After quite extensive research by our Executive Chef Michael Price and our Green Team, we have proceeded with the purchase of four hives of Canadian Honeybees for our property. Our team at White Oaks believes it is very important to support our Niagara community, our local agricultural industries and give back to our region and our world by introducing pollinator habitats near farm lands that rely on bees for pollination.

Research is clear that due to mono crop farming, pesticides and other elements that have come along with modernizing agriculture, the wild bee population has been significantly dwindling. The answer to parts of this problem is creating habitats for pollinators to expand their population for pollinating our food sources. These small initiatives are what will keep our bee population, and in turn our ability to grow fruit, nuts, vegetables, berries, etc. active in the years to come. These costs are far too great for individual farmers to bear on their own, and in turn will make their operating expenses rise.

The majority of the stinging insects that are out and about aren’t honeybees. To put this in perspective, between White Oaks, and Niagara College, we have introduced 750,000 bees into this area without anyone noticing a disturbance. While we are not first or leading the pack with this initiative, we are definitely in very good company with our friends at Niagara College and Ravine Estate Winery in St. Davids. In summary, let them bee and they will buzz off. At the end of the day, we will have delicious White Oaks honey, and the farmers will have help from our bees. We believe that’s a great win-win scenario.

How Can You Help?
By supporting businesses that are doing their best to save the bees… support the bee supporters such as B•Y’s Honey Farm, an amazing local Niagara Apiary providing honey and honey products to the community. For more information visit Ontario Bee Association.

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  1. Sandy

    18 May

    So proud of White Oaks for taking on this initiative. Congratulations!