Corporate Holiday Event Tips

Corporate Holiday Event Tips

corporate holiday party planning in Niagara


Want to be the corporate “hostess with the mostest” this season? We asked our ever amazing, ever efficient Director of Conference Services, Traci Luongo for her top 10 tips to make sure your Christmas or holiday event is the best it can be. As usual Ms. Luongo does not disappoint and exceeds our expectations with 11 tips! Read on to gain some great advice for making you a stand out party diva this year.

1. Dance Floor

Be sure to take the dance floor into consideration when booking your space! Having tables on the dance floor may leave your guests without seats once the festivities begin.


2. Hidden Fees

Be aware of unexpected Socan and Resound Fees. All properties have to charge them by law. “Re:Sound represents the performance rights of artists and record companies while SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) does the same for composers and music publishers. Re:Sound and SOCAN are distinct organizations that represent different groups and as such, both are required to be compensated.”

Further Information can be found here.


3. Wow Food

Order reception food stations over the traditional server tray passed hors h’oeurves – some guests may not even see the tray or server but the stations will make for a great wow when your guests arrive and give you more bang for your buck as they tend to be a little more cost effective.


4. Table Space

Always aim for tables of 8 or less, tables of 10 are tight for your guests and doesn’t give them much elbow room.


5. Extra Time

Schedule at least 30 minutes (or more!) for a reception prior to dinner starting to avoid any late comer disruptions.


6. Mix & Match Dining

Not sure what to serve your guests for dinner – try a combination! Offer a buffet style soup/salads/antipasto and then give them a choice for their plated dinner – get them standing up again for a buffet style dessert!


7.  Food For Everyone

Going with a plated dinner? Always consider that 10% of your guests are vegetarian (even if they are not normally!) Be sure to ask the venue how they accommodate vegetarian and other dietary preferences/allergies onsite this way all your guests will be happy if you only chose a chicken entree.


8. Safe Transportation

Offering an open bar and dinner wine? Don’t forget to factor in how your guests are going to get home. Extend a number for a taxi company/designated drivers prior to the event and have your company spring for it to be sure everyone arrives home safely.


9. Guest List Numbers

If you have 200 guests on your invite list, book your venue event for 160 guests. On average 20% of your guests will not be able to make it and most venues will extend a 48 hour guarantee with their contract polices in place….read the fine print of your contract.


10. Say Cheese

Want to be sure you remember that great night? While some guests may post pictures via social media, get everyone involved and rent a photo booth with some great props. It will be sure to get your departments inter mingling in no time!


11. Give Back

The holidays are a time for giving, try to incorporate some charity components into your event. Work with a local charity for an even greater impact.

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