Camp for the Kids

chalkboard with Summer Camp written in colourful chalk

It’s almost summer. No more rushing to get the bus, no more frantically looking for $20 for a school field trip that the kids didn’t tell you they needed until right this second. Instead, you’re faced with a new dilemma. The kids have been home for two weeks and they’ve already done everything (or so they say). It’s not long until you hear “Mooooooom, I’m boooored!”

Good thing you’re the smartest Mom in the world, and you signed them up for summer camp. Summer camp is the perfect way to get the kids out of the house, making friends, and learning new things. There are TONS of summer camps available for every kind of camper, but there’s also lots to know before you register. So, here are a few things to look for before you send the kiddos off to camp.



There are a ton of factors to consider in terms of timing. Are you sending the kids to an overnight camp, or just for the day? Are they full days or half? Is it a long term camp, made up of a number of weeks, or just one? Before you register, make sure the camp schedule fits your personal lifestyle schedule.

Food and Drink

Some camps offer food in their fees, others expect you to pack your kids a lunch. If food is included, make sure you let the camp know if you child has any food sensitivities or allergies, and if they can accommodate. If you’re packing a lunch, see if the camp has any restrictions — most camps are peanut free! Some camps provide snacks, but no lunch… make sure to ask; you don’t want your kids going hungry! Look into the water situation, too. Some camps will ask you to provide a reusable water bottle for your child to fill up during the day.


Sports camp? Pack them extra clothes, they’re gonna get sweaty. Swimming? Definitely extra clothes, they’re gonna get wet. Messy kid? Send some extra clothes, because, well, you know. Make sure to check out if the camp has an itinerary. Then you’ll know to pack a swimsuit or an extra pair of shorts.


Are they going outside? Pack sunscreen. Is there a day trip off-site? Maybe they need a few bucks. Is it a sports camp? They might have to bring their own equipment.


There are loads of things to think about pre-camp, but once you’ve got them figured out, the kids are sure to have the time of their lives!

If you’re looking for camp ideas, check out the camps that White Oaks is hosting this summer!

White Oaks Racquet Camp

This camp is designed for campers ages 6 – 14, and runs weekly through July and August. Kids participate in a variety of activities from racquet sports, to swimming, and includes speed, agility, and cardio circuit training. There’s even a Friday Pizza Party included! The cost is $220 + HST per child, per week. Click here for more info, and to register.


White Oaks LEAD Camp

This camp is designed for campers age 6 – 14 and runs every-other week in July and August, beginning July 10. LEAD stands for Leading Expressive and Active Development. There are activities (from yoga to veggie picking at the Niagara College greenhouse), workshops (you mean I’m actually allowed to do graffiti here?), and games (think teamwork, and social development) This camp is meant to help children grow, and learn who they are and who they want to become. The cost is $205 + HST per child, per week. Click here for more info, and to register.

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