Nick Sachvie: Squash Superstar

Nick Sachvie: Squash Superstar

We heard recently that Nick Sachvie won the Men’s Canadian Open in squash and, of course, we did what we would do any time one of our junior players succeeds in their sport; we shared the news on Facebook, created a poster to go up on our Club Wall of Fame, and sent Nick a gift and congratulatory note. But then we really started to think about Nick, and what he has done. You see, with a family owned business like ours, many of our team members have been here for years and years and, as such, many of us remember Nick the baby, Nick the toddler, Nick the little boy. We haven’t just watched a career develop, in this case, we’ve watched Nick’s whole life unfold. We felt this moment in his career, in his life, deserved a more personal and public congratulations.

Nick Sachvie began playing squash when he was a toddler, before most people his age were even speaking in full sentences. By the time he was eight, he entered his first tournament, and the rest, as they say, is history.

But that history is important, because it has helped Nick become as successful as he is, and that history deserves some credit.

Nick began his squash training at the Club at White Oaks, and has trained with Chad Dommasch, Chris Draayer, and Scott McLachlan in his early teen days. Of course, he also trained with Squash Hall of Famer, his dad, Mark Sachvie. It only makes sense when people say, “it’s in his blood,” and in Nick’s case it truly is – he has been around squash and on a court since he could toddle onto one.  Mark Sachvie led our squash program, and grew the program, and the sport, not only at White Oaks, but in Canada.

When he was only 16 years old, Nick became a member of Team Canada at the World Junior Squash tournament in Switzerland. He walked away from that tournament empty handed, but returned two years later, when the championships were held in Ecuador. Team Canada won a bronze medal at the World Junior Championships that year, tying the best place finish that Canada has ever seen.

From there, Nick continued to climb. He is a three-time winner of the US Junior Open, champion of the Pioneer Cup in Germany, winner of the U19 Scottish Junior Open, and a 9th place finisher of the British Junior Open – the most prestigious junior tournament in the world.

In 2010, Nick was recruited by Cornell University, where he studied Business and Communications. Nick played the number on position for their squash team, and was awarded Rookie of the Year, as voted by all of the Ivy League coaches. During his time at Cornell, Nick was a finalist at the US College Squash Association Individual Championships, placing highest in the history of Cornell Squash.

After graduating in 2014, Nick began training for his professional squash career full time. In November of 2016, he earned his first Pro Squash Association World Title win at the Minneapolis Open, which he quickly followed with wins at the Montreal Open in December of the same year, and the Northern Ontario Open in April 2017.

Most recently, Nick claimed the championship title at the 2017 Men’s Canadian Open. He will be competing for Canada at the World Squash Federation Men’s World Team Championships in Marseille, France from November 27 – December 3, 2017.

Nick’s next goal is to be among the Top 50 in the Professional Squash Association (PSA) World Rankings by January 2018, where he is currently ranked #67.  We have no doubt in Nick’s abilities to achieve his goal!

Our team at White Oaks wanted to take a moment to tell the world about our Nick.  We are a proud group over here at The Club!

To Nick:

Nick, you are an incredible talent, and an amazing ambassador of our club, and your lovely parents.  Many of us have watched you since you were a baby, and you may never know it, and you may never see us, but we are all proud of you, and cheering you on!

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