Jenny’s June Faves

Jenny Hipwell is the Director of the Spa at White Oaks, a style maven, a skin guru, and one mighty fine shopper. Welcome to our new blog segment, Jenny’s Faves. A favourite from WO magazine, each month we’ll feature Jenny’s five favourite products of the moment that are available at our Spa!

1. amika: PERK UP DRY SHAMPOO, $31.20

As more and more studies show that it’s beneficial to wash your hair less often, and let your natural oils do its job, women are turning to dry shampoo to keep them from looking greasy. Not only does this dry shampoo provide a quick, no-wash cleanse, but it also adds volume, and leaves hair looking soft and refreshed, making it a great styling product!

Jenny says: “I order this stuff by the case! Put it this way, by Friday I am 90% caffeine and 10% dry shampoo, so I live for this product. I have tried literally every dry shampoo on the market and this one is THE BOMB! It’s made with rice powder, so there is no starchy, white look and does not contain talc.”


The COOLA Sunless Tan Dry Oil Mist means that you can look like you just sat in the sun for hours, without sitting in the sun for hours, and that means no harmful UV rays! This self-tanner is 70% organic, so it’s great for the skin, and the environment! This oil mist is super-buildable, for however tan you want to be, and last for up to 3 days with no streaking or transferring!

Jenny says: “Ok, I honestly dread the summer because I could put a sheet of 8.5 X 11 paper to shame with the shade of white that my legs possess. This is not only easy to use, it’s hydrating, does not streak, and gradually brings a ‘natural’ hue of brown, not orange. You won’t find this chick in a battle with George Hamilton of ‘Who Wore It Better.’”

3. PEONI LA CRÈME, $195.00

This powerful moisturizer is chalk full of organic ingredients, like peony extracts and green tea, to protect the skin, and fight wrinkles! It’s gentle enough to use both in the morning, and at night, so it works to deliver anti-aging results while you’re working, and while you’re sleeping!

Jenny says: “This product is near and dear to me as it’s not only created by the SkinGuru herself, Jennifer Brodeur, my favorite human being on the planet, it also has the official seal of approval by Oprah, and Michelle Obama, whom Jennifer has personally been skin treating for 4 years! If that doesn’t sell you on how amazing this line is, I don’t know what will. It’s great for all skin types and smells divine!”


Aromaflage is all about functional fragrance, so they created a perfume that smells great, while repelling bugs! This fragrance is made without parabens and harsh chemicals, and has notes of vanilla, cedarwood, and orange.

Jenny says: “This is magic in a bottle! I despise mosquitoes and but they adore me. This is a bug repellent in the form of a perfume. Like, seriously? You no longer have to smell like a moth ball to repel bugs at a BBQ. You need this in your life…NOW!”


This stunning cream luminizer helps highlight the skin, and leaves a soft, luminous glow. This single-shade product has a satin-pearl finish, to make it flattering for all skin tones. With a buildable glow, you can be as subtle, or as poppin’, as you want!

Jenny says: “Every single Victoria’s Secret Model covets this product…enough said! (mic drop!) This natural, coconut based cream luminizer will have you strobing like a pro in no time. “

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