Jenny’s July Faves


Our Spa Director, Jenny Hipwell, is a beauty and skincare guru. Each month, she reveals her top 5 favourite products for the month. Check out what she’s loving in July!


1. TOFINO TOWEL, $89.00-$99.00

Designed in BC, the Tofino Towel was designed with beauty and practicality in mind. The round, spacious design allows you to enjoy the sun without constantly getting up, moving your towel, and shaking all the sand off. And to top it all off, Tofino Towel Co. donates 1% of all profits to local nonprofits that work to preserve the beautiful beaches and wildlife of Canada’s west coast!

Jenny says: “These large, round towels from Vancouver are just plain gorge! Not just for the beach, but they can also be used as a yoga mat, a picnic blanket, area rug… so many ways to display it! With so many patterns to choose from, you’ll need this in your life like, NOW!”


These bamboo facial cloths are a must have for busy people on the go! These facial cloths not only remove makeup, but they’re actually cleansers, so they leave your face feeling clean and moisturized! They’re designed for sensitive skin, so they’re super gentle, but also incredibly effective!

Jenny says: “Ok, so here’s the deal, sometimes I am so tired from being Jenny that I am too lazy to wash my makeup off at night. There, I said it…I’m human. You should NEVER sleep with makeup on (seriously!) but for the rare occasion you can’t get your butt out of bed, or off the couch, use one or 2 of these bad boys. 100% unbleached bamboo cotton, contains Vitamins C, E, B12, jojoba & sunflower oil and organic honey and can be used on even the most sensitive skins. Great to freshen up with after the gym!”


If you want a spa experience every morning, but don’t want to pay for a spa experience ever morning, this shower mist is the way to go! This eucalyptus mist fills your morning shower with a soothing, yet invigorating scent to get your day off to the perfect start!

Jenny says: “I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON! Never will be. This mist is like no other. Just a few sprays into a hot shower creates an aromatherapy experience that clears and awakens the mind. 100% pure, pharmaceutical grade eucalyptus oil, steam distilled & filtered. Amazing for sinus sufferers.”


Free People is a contemporary brand for the modern woman. Inspired by female strength, drive, and creativity, the brand creates products that are as unique as the women that they cater to. The Ryanne Leggings are cute, comfy, and high-quality. They’re not longer sold on the Free People website, so you’ve got to come into the Spa to grab a pair!

Jenny says: “I live in these! Have them in black, army and slate. The high waist, thick material, slits in the knees (yes, mother, I purchased them like that) make these leggings so unique. Pair it with a simple tank for the gym or a leather jacket and some high tops for a ‘Badass Chick’ look. Check out the rest of the FP Movement line in the Spa.”


These innovative hair slinkys will solve all of your hair-tie problems! They hold your hair, but aren’t tight enough to result in headaches, they’re hypoallergenic and will not absorb bacteria or oil from your hair, they won’t pull out your hair when you take them out, and they’re super easy to clean! Do you really need another reason to go out and buy one?

Jenny says: “Alright, you’re gonna think I’m crazy for praising a hair tie, but Holy Moses these are amazing! They have so many great colors and sizes, and they do not snag, pull, or kink your hair. Plus they hold even the thickest of hair all day without stretching. You can buy them individually, or as trios, and here’s the best part – if they start to stretch out, drop them in a cup of boiling water (no joke) and watch them spring back to life.They basically last forever!!!”

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