Wedding Guest Do’s and Do Nots

Wedding Guest Do’s and Do Nots

Attending a wedding can be tricky. Every couple, and every wedding, is different, so there are a ton of things to think (and maybe worry) about! But have no fear, we’re here to help clear up some of the most common wedding do’s and don’ts!

DO RSVP to the wedding!

Sending in an RSVP is one of the most important, if not the most important job you have as a wedding guest. The couple getting married need to have accurate numbers and dietary requests, so make sure you let them know if you’re attending – and if you’re bringing a date, if they’ve given you a plus one!


DON’T use your phone during the ceremony.

We get it, you want to take a beautiful picture of the couple’s first kiss. The problem is, the photographer that the couple is paying for also wants a picture of the couple’s first kiss, and they don’t want you snapping pictures with your iPhone in the background. When photographers take a look at all of the pictures they’ve taken to select the ideal ones to give to the married couple, it’s really difficult to edit out a guest using their phone, which can take away from the beauty of the day! Think about seeing a picture of someone walking down the aisle and being completely distracted by the woman in the back using her phone. At the reception, feel free to capture some great moments, but during the ceremony it’s best to put your phone away.


DO pay attention to the dress code!

Check the invitation for a note about the dress code! You don’t want to show up to a casual beach wedding in a tux, or a black tie event in a slinky cocktail dress, so make sure you know what the dress code is – often the venue is a helpful hint!


DON’T take up all of the couple’s time.

Yes, you want to congratulate the couple, maybe have a celebratory toast, and tell them how great the wedding is, but keep in mind that so do 200 other people. Keep your congrats short and sweet, so that they can say hi to all of their guests and enjoy their special day.


DO have a good time!

A big fear that the couple getting married has is that their guests won’t have a good time. Don’t be afraid to let loose, eat, drink, dance, and have a good time! The couple will be grateful when they can look through pictures of everyone having a good time!


DON’T abuse the open bar.

Is an open bar awesome? Yes. Is it an excuse to get blackout drunk and ruin someone’s wedding? No. Don’t be the person that needs to be taken care of because they abused the open bar and drank their body weight in vodka. Pace yourself, enjoy your drinks, and don’t drink too much that you don’t remember the amazing party!

DO get home safely!

Make sure you have a designated driver, the number of a cab company, or a place to sleep at the venue! Have fun, party hard, celebrate love, and get home safe!


Ultimately, have a good time, enjoy the company of others, and help the couple make their special day a memorable one!

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