Diaries of a Fitness Junkie

Diaries of a Fitness Junkie

Something you should know about me: I am a bit of a fitness nutcase and am forever on a quest to find the most effective type of workout for my body (bonus points if I actually enjoy it). I’ve tried a number of things over the years, some with greater success than others in terms of both results and not hating every second while participating said activity…ahem…spin class. Sorry to all the avid spinners and cyclists out there, it’s just not for me I guess.

There was a good five year period of being completely obsessed with yoga. Like, it was my life you guys. I would practice at least once a day, every day, and I got pretty darn good at it. I found myself at a point where my flexibility outweighed my strength and injuries ensued. This is when I started weight training to help balance things out. Cut to two years later and I have almost entirely shifted my fitness focus to the weight room and yoga is now an occasional treat.

As much as I love hitting the weights, it can become a bit routine and monotonous. This is where yoga and my various fitness experiments come in to play, sometimes I just need to shake it up to keep things interesting. I’ve tried all sorts of training styles, from HIIT circuits to CrossFit to reformer Pilates…and most recently, boxing.

Now, I should tell you that I may very well be the epitome of “a lover not a fighter.” My empathy levels are off the charts, confrontation makes me stress sweat and more than anything I just want everyone to get long and be happy, you know, all kittens and rainbows…that sort of thing.

So picture this little empath in the ring training with a former Olympic boxer. Hilarious. I did group training with a couple of friends and would watch as they sparred with the coach, fury and fire in their eyes. He would spout off combos and I could see the numbers translating to names or faces in their minds as the fists were flying. When it came to my turn, nothing other than “what was that combo again?” and “don’t trip over your own feet,” going through my mind. Punches, jabs and uppercuts very much sans rage and definitely accompanied by a lot of nervous laughter.

At first the whole thing made me terribly uncomfortable, but as my coordination (and memory skills) improved, so did my confidence. And let me tell you, that SMACK sound when you land a solid punch is incredibly satisfying. Above all else boxing is an amazing workout, between the conditioning and the sparring I was dripping sweat and every muscle was completely exhausted by the end of our one-hour sessions.

While I may not have found my new yoga, I will certainly continue to throw boxing into the training mix every now then. Who knows what I will try next…any suggestions?

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