Change is Good!

Well…green is the new black at White Oaks as we hit the ground running with our latest and greatest environmental initiatives. Our Green Team has been hard at work this year crafting up new ways to show our earth some TLC! We’ve ditched plastic straws (shout out to the sea turtles!), implemented a property wide water initiative with Naturizzata Water Co., and broke ground on our butterfly housing project. Gone are the days of habitually placing a plastic straw in our bevvies. We’ve switched gears and no longer offer plastic straws and when requested, we’ve opted for biodegradable options instead! With our new Naturizzata Water program, we have eliminated all of those plastic water bottles that used to greet you in your meeting rooms and swapped them for beautifully designed glass bottles that our porters are happy to fill with your choice of cold, freshly filtered sparkling or still throughout the day. Our Green Team got crafty and painted our custom butterfly houses in hopes of providing a safe haven in our gardens for the monarchs to flutter about, safe from harmful pesticides that have destroyed monarch populations with decades of use. As you can see, conservation is kind of our thing!!

Alongside our green initiative is a new water and drink program operating in Grow Kitchen and Café. We’ve introduced the brand GoodDrink, offering a selection of glass bottled organic spritzers and flavoured teas as well as their GoodWater brand. While environmental initiatives and awareness are a top priority at White Oaks, we strive to do good in a number of other ways! By selling GoodWater, we’ve joined the movement to provide clean water to those in need! GoodDrink Beverage Co. has pledged to equally match the volume they sell of all of their GoodDrink brands, litre for litre, in fresh and clean water to communities who lack access to this basic human right. Together with ACTS, a group that builds gravity based water systems in developing and third world countries, their initial two tap stand projects are complete in Bwirambere and Nkomero, Uganda with a second project currently in the works. To date, GoodDrink has provided over 140,000 litres of clean water to over 10,000 men, women and children! It’s amazing, the positive change that small steps taken by individuals can make in this world.

Take a peek at what you’re contributing to when you choose to purchase GoodDrink beverages in our very own Grow Kitchen and Café!