Relax. Rejuvenate. Renovate?

Relax. Rejuvenate. Renovate?


niagara luxury spa reno

Hands up who here likes living through a renovation?  Hmmm…no one?  We agree!

Renovations are exciting. It is wonderful to plan out, to pick out the new colors, fixtures, furniture and all the fun new things that will bring your new space to life.  But the truth is, living through the banging, drilling, mess and people coming in and out of your space is awful. No offense nice contractor people reading this – we all think you are wonderful…just get out of our house as quickly as possible!

That was the case this past winter when we decided that our spa women’s change rooms just had to be expanded. We were bursting at the seams on our busy days and there’s nothing worse than crabby spa ladies walking around with their belongings while naked in a robe. That’s not spa-like.

We are very lucky that our construction contractor is in fact on our team and understands our business top to bottom, underneath between the walls, and all of that construction-y stuff. Fayez the Director of Maintenance told Jenny, the Director of the spa to pick a quiet time for the reno…well Jenny sat him down and told him she had one week that would definitely be quiet. One. Week. You can imagine Fayez’s response I’m sure. I would love to tell you that a huge yelling match broke out and that shoes were being thrown and tempers boiled over…but alas, no drama. Our Fayez is calm cool and collected at all times. Jenny is a different story…she can pitch a fit better than most fish wives but she’s usually calmed down by sparkling wine so it’s all good.

Fayez laid out his plan, staffed his team and got to work in the allotted time. None of us thought he’d pull it off..but he did. One week later the tiny ladies spa changeroom was transformed into a beautiful, much more spacious, modern space with more lockers, more showers, more bathrooms and just more…

Jenny was impressed as she had prepared herself for a huge mess and a week of apologizing for the disruption and at the end of the day, there was none of that.

Thankfully we have a lovely new space, and no fights broke out, and Jenny and Fayez are still friends. All is good.

Is a long, long, long time team member at White Oaks and managing editor. She is an expert at nothing but has an opinion on everything, which she is happy to offer for entertainment purposes only. Please don't take anything she says all that seriously. Seriously.