One Size Doesn’t Fit All


Sometimes keeping the kids occupied over the summer or mid-year breaks can be a challenge! Would you agree? The show must go on as usual – you still have work to get ready for, grocery shopping to do, laundry to fold, and suddenly your children are running around the house demanding breakfast instead of running to catch the bus with the lunch you packed in hand. Not that I’m a parenting guru by any means, but I was a kid not so long ago – so I get it!

Instead of posting them up on the couch with the iPad (or in my generational case – Disney VHS tapes with my blue Vtech cordless in reaching distance), why not get them involved in something active, integrative, and memorable? Somewhere they can make new friends, develop new skills, and do something positive and healthy! We get it…not every kid is into sports, so White Oaks has customized camps and programs that fit every child’s needs. We’re not fans of the “one size fits all approach.”

Racquet and Adventure Camps

Racquet and Adventure Camps focus on learning and improving your child’s racquet game with the assistance of our professional teaching staff and fellow learners. Our five star training facility is the perfect place to send your kids for an athletic learning experience complete with daily racquet instruction, daily supervised indoor swim, initiative tasks and cooperative games, speed and agility training, and cardio circuit training. We can’t forget the weekly, Friday pizza parties!

Matt Easingwood, who runs our Junior Programs at White Oaks, noticed in our first two weeks of summer camp that, “racquet camp had been a busy two weeks with lots of tennis, squash, racquetball, and ping pong. Also a little bit of outdoor time in the heat but not much!! We had 20 campers for the first week and 28 in the second and third weeks.” As we wrap up our Racquet Camp for the summer months, we are excited to announce our fall program dates! We’re offering a new program in racquetball too! Check out what’s coming this fall on our website.

The Low Down on LEAD

Our LEAD programs are more than just your average day camp. Running four weeks in the summer, as well as during March Break, LEAD aims to provide kids with the tools they need to be great leaders, to be expressive, to focus on health and wellness, and to become aware of their social surroundings. Campers participate in activities such as Amazing Race obstacles, graffiti workshops, yoga, and anti-bullying role play to gain a better understanding of a well-rounded lifestyle. We even have LEAD programs running on PD days throughout the school year!

Although we do have to give those breakfast begging kids back to you at the end of the day, our camp leaders are happy to provide some fun and interactive activities for them until your work day is over and you’re ready to head home, pour yourself a glass of wine, put your feet up and…*insert running, yelling child interrupting daydream here.* We promise to wear them out enough that you might just have some spare time to have that glass of wine after all!