bar + pie + lattes

Now that I’ve got your attention, we’re going to chat about fitness goals and a cool workout – a.k.a. Barre Pilates – not epic brunch plans, but you can keep that in your back pocket for the perfect Sunday. You’re welcome.

SO – fitness goals – I’m no expert (FYI) but in my mind there are two main categories here: functional fitness and aesthetic physique, and we all have a different vision of what that looks like for ourselves. Personally, I’d like to look like a ballerina, have the endurance and cardiovascular capability of a 10-year old hopped up on pop rocks and the strength and flexibility of a college level gymnast. That’s not asking so much, is it?! Totally doable…here we go…

Based on my google research:

Barre combines elements of ballet, pilates and yoga to create a challenging and effective workout. By using your own body weight as resistance while challenging your core stability and balance, barre classes manage to give you the streamlined body of a dancer while reinforcing your strength and muscle tone.

Naturally, this seemed to be the perfect supplement to my usual training regimen to help build that ballerina-esque body of my dreams…minus the fact that I am NOT a dancer and have little to no coordination, balance or grace. Needless to say, Barre was a wee bit intimidating for me.

You guys, it was a challenge, let me tell you! But in the best way possible…

We started with a brisk choreographed warm up which made me feel a bit awkward and clumsy but I caught on fairly quick – side note – I was already sweating halfway through said “warm up”. ­Once completed we then moved to the bar and the most effective leg torture ensued. It really doesn’t sound like much when the teacher instructs the movements, I thought to myself “body weight pulse squats with heels up, no problem, watch me go” but holy heck my legs were trembling, TREM-BUH-LING!! And that was just one of many lower body movements in the sequence.

Our teacher then took mercy on us and we moved to the floor (mats) for some upper body and core work. We used little 2lb balls for added resistance and again, I thought “I’ve got this”…2lbs has never felt so heavy in my life. My little triceps were screaming. I loved it. ­­We moved back to the bar for what I refer to as the “leg finisher” just to make sure they were completely exhausted and noodle-y before she graciously took us through some well-deserved stretching to wrap up the class.

I left feeling accomplished in many ways. I’d had a great workout, conquered my anxiety of trying a new – and very foreign – style of training, and even felt a little more graceful (insert salsa dancer emoji). The class had me moving my body in new ways which was super cool and the next day brought confirmation that it was indeed a great workout – in the form of some seriously sore muscles…which is incredibly satisfying to me, not going to lie.

Watch out Barre class…this little ballerina-in-training will definitely be back for more!

Is a quirky and creative graphic designer here at White Oaks. When she’s not nestled behind her laptop, she’s likely to be found in the gym, meal prepping, DIY’ing, concert going or just Netflixing with a nice glass of red.