Microneedling Has Arrived!

We’re super excited to announce that we’ve brought Microneedling to The Spa at White Oaks! Our Spa Manager, Natalie experienced our newest treatment first hand during training and wants to share all the deets on her new fave.

One morning on my way out the door to work, my husband asked me what was going on!  I was not wearing any make up – clearly not the norm for me!  Working at The Spa at White Oaks, we often try the new treatments as part of our training and that day I was scheduled to experience our brand new microneedling treatment.  Microneedling is done with a ‘pen’ with 12 points or needles, creating tiny controlled injury to the skin. I’ve been in the industry for 18 years, and have tried almost every treatment imaginable over the years.

I get on the table excited to experience the treatment first hand and we begin with the application of a numbing cream. (For the record, I was part of a training session and due to the length of time discussion and questions took beforehand, the effects of the numbing cream wore off before I experienced the treatment.)  However, I found it to be  extremely tolerable…so don’t let the notion of needing a numbing cream scare you!

The actual treatment takes about 35 – 45 mins to perform, and other than the forehead and nose area (which actually tickles more than anything), it is not painful at all. The Micropen used, has a cartridge with 12 points that simultaneously penetrate the skin, your aesthetician controls the depth, which is different depending on the area being treated or the skin type.

After the treatment I looked like I had a sunburn and my skin felt warm. The idea is to allow your skin’s natural healing response to stimulate your own collagen and elastin. For the following 3 days, you don’t need to use anything on your skin, other than the hydrating serum provided and sunscreen if you plan to be outdoors. Avoiding physical activity for 72hrs is also recommended, so these are 3 guilt free days to take a break from the gym. You can wear a mineral based makeup 24hrs after the treatment, however I did allow my skin the 3 days to heal without using much!

After about 3 days, my skin started to flake and peel and by day 5 – 6 I was surprised by the result. I am fortunate to not have any texture or acne scarring concerns, I simply was looking for reduced fine lines and improved tone.  I was very impressed with the immediate results! My skin had a natural glow, pores on my nose were significantly reduced and I am looking forward to seeing further results with my follow up appointments.  My husband even noticed the change… maybe I can convince him to experience a treatment!

After 3 days I could resume my regular routine, and using a Vitamin C serum is my go to anti-aging product! I am booking my next session and can’t wait to see the results after multiple treatments!

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