I Am Rock Steady


Jab! Cross! Hook!…just a few of the instructions you’re sure to hear in a Rock Steady Boxing class at White Oaks. This may come as a surprise to some, but boxing has become increasingly popular in the management of symptoms associated with Parkinson’s. Boxing serves as an aerobic activity which has proven to enhance daily quality of life and improve power and strength in those suffering from the degenerative movement disorder and the challenging symptoms that come along with it.

The non-contact curriculum that Rock Steady implements, give Parkinson’s fighters a chance to defend themselves against their main opponent – the disease they are battling each day.

We asked our Head Coach of Rock Steady Boxing at White Oaks, Mario Toffolo for the down low on a program near and dear to his heart.

“Rock Steady Boxing at White Oaks Resort has now been in operation for 2 and a half years and continues to help more people in the battle against Parkinson’s. We started with 7 people and we now have 30 boxers attending classes 3 times per week.”

“Here at White Oaks Resort our Boxers and spouses tell us that they can now do things on their own that before RSB, required the help of others. Examples include getting up off of the floor, getting in an out of bed and even going to the washroom.”

“In class no one gets hit but we do train our participants like boxers, incorporating a modified regimen of exercises that include cardio, strength training, core, punching heavy and speed bags, balance and stretching. The exercise regimen changes weekly and is adapted to the abilities of our Boxers. The consensus of our group is that the two greatest benefits of Rock Steady Boxing are they are physically better prepared to deal with life’s everyday challenges and they love the interaction with this new group of friends that are all living with Parkinson’s.”

For Additional information about Rock Steady Boxing in Niagara, please call or email Mario Toffolo at The Club at White Oaks 905.688.2032 x. 5352 or mtoffolo@whiteoaksresort.com

Mario is a personal trainer at The Club at White Oaks