Instagram Worthy Places in Niagara

Instagram Worthy Places in Niagara

Summer is coming (slowly)… which means everyone’s Instagram game is about to get a whole lot hotter! From patio drinks to cottage country, there is no denying that summer is a prime time for Instagram. The ‘gram has quickly become the place everyone turns to for inspo when planning their next trip. So, if you have an upcoming trip to Niagara planned, or if you’re from the area and just want to get a good picture for the ‘gram this weekend, this is your chance to stop scrolling and start channeling  your inner influencer by checking out these photo op spots around Niagara!

Graffiti Alley – St. Catharines
Downtown St. Catharines is full of Instagram ready street art. If you have been downtown St. Catharines before, you may have missed it because Graffiti Alley is not always very visible due to its location, but it is full of amazing and colourful artwork. The alley was actually created as a way to help erase St. Catharines graffiti problem. Local businesses teamed up to dedicate the area for graffiti artists to showcase their art with no policy. The alley is located between James St. and parallel to Garden Park, right next to Fulton’s gym, and across from Maytay café at Garden Park and St. Paul.

Oast/Silversmith/Lock Street/Merchant Ale House
Craft breweries are a huge trend right now so why not check out the breweries in Niagara’s own backyard? Not only does each one have unique pallet pleasers, they also have distinctly different senses of style and aesthetic. Even if you don’t like beer, between these four major breweries, there is something for everyone!

Queenston Heights and The Niagara Glen – Niagara-on-the-lake/Niagara Falls
Continue enjoy the stunning nature of Niagara by checking out these parks. Walk and hike your way through while enjoying fantastic scenery, beautiful landscaping, and historical monuments. Queenston Heights offers more of a leisurely atmosphere filled with history and picnic areas, which leaves a lot of opportunity for Instagram worth perspective opportunities. Whereas the Niagara Glen feature more hiking trails that bring to areas where you will get to see the Niagara River from an entirely new and different point of view.

The Streets of Historic Old Town – Niagara-on-the-lake
You may have already seen photos of The Clock Tower on your friend’s Instagram pages, but there is more to Historic Old Town than just the main drag on Queen Street. Within the town there are adorable, and beautiful picturesque homes that line the streets. My advice? Take a nice afternoon walk through the winding blocks between Mary, Queen, and Front Street, and enjoy the gorgeous charming neighbourhoods in Niagara-on-the-lake. I promise you and your Instagram won’t be disappointed.

White Oaks Resort – Niagara-on-the-lake
Of course we can’t forget to mention ourselves! The White Oaks property is beautiful and full of Instagram potential! Take the opportunity to explore the grounds and see what our stunning property has to offer. From the adorable fairy-tale-like bridge in the garden, to the unique and quirky furniture throughout the hallways, and the eye catching skylight foyer – there are so many prospects for your feed that you will be sure to catch the eye of your friends and followers. But don’t forget the food of course! Feast your eyes (and your mouths) on the delectable goodness of LIV restaurant #foodporn

Is a native Niagara foodie, pop culture aficionado, and Marketing Coordinator at White Oaks. She is an avid wine lover who loves to travel, and she never passes up an opportunity to be sarcastic.