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The set-up of your meeting room can play a big factor in how your attendees interact during your conference or meeting. Often, our first priority in planning the meeting room is determining what space is suitable based on the capacity. This is great first step – but what’s next?  When considering the capacity of the room, also take time to brainstorm set-up ideas. Check out the tips below to help you determine your next meeting’s set-up!

What is the goal for the meeting?

When determining the meeting room set-up, think about what you want to achieve in this meeting – what is the goal? Are you gathering to brainstorm ideas or is a leader presenting information? Is your event directed at team-building, or is it individual focused? Will your guests need to write or type during the meeting? These crucial questions will help narrow down the best options for your set-up.

Who is attending?

In the meetings industry, we are realizing more and more that our attendees have different needs and wants! Yes, they may hold similar job titles, or they are employed by the same company – but how they function and succeed could be very different from one another. When determining your meeting set-up, think of the introverts and extroverts, the different generations, the varying personality types… Not sure of your attendees’ personalities? Ask your Conference Planner about our Teaming Programs and how to hold a session with your group!

What is the length of the session?

How often do attendees leave the meeting room to “stretch their legs” but in turn, miss important information? Why not give them the opportunity to stand in your meeting room! Adding standing room with cruiser tables is a great opportunity to make your guests more comfortable without causing disruption – and without losing valuable meeting time for more scheduled breaks.

How do we accommodate it all?

A rising trend in the meeting and conference industry is having multiple set-ups in one space. Just like your meeting or conference, your guests are unique and have their own needs. Try mixing up your meeting room by including a couple of different seating options. By doing this, you are catering to various types of personalities and needs. The introvert may want to sit alone because that’s how they retain the best knowledge; where an extrovert may thrive by joining a table with people they have never met! An attendee whose legs lock up from sitting for a long period of time doesn’t have to miss out on the meeting and can stand comfortably at the back!

This method can be used in small, medium and large sized spaces. Even if it means putting a cruiser table at the back of a small boardroom with some bar stools – you are giving your attendees an option. Not sure where to begin? At White Oaks, our Conference Planners are full of ideas to create innovative meeting spaces for your event in any room! Better yet, check out our Idea Loft – this meeting room includes three different set-ups in one space – perfect for your next meeting!

By changing your set-up from the norm, you may be surprised how attendees respond and how productivity goes up!


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Alyssa is a detail-oriented, change-enthusiast who is always on the hunt for her next adventure. Planning conferences here at White Oaks gets her creative juices flowing - along with a little wine. Inspired by world travel and meeting new people, her meetings and events are sure to impress.


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