The Power of a Coffee Break

The Power of a Coffee Break

You’re attending a conference – you’re away from home and your routine, which leads you to be more tired and hungry than usual. You have just left your first session, and you need a pick-me-up … Then, you see it! The coffee break. You make your way over with anticipation and wonder, excited about an energizing cup of coffee and a comforting snack. You’re relying on that boost to get you through the next session – or five.

The coffee break is an often overlooked but vital part of the overall success of a conference. Attendees need nourishment that will help them feel good and focused for the remainder of the day, evening, and the next day. The items available need to provide attendees with energy, but not too heavy that attendees are feeling lethargic. The options should be comforting, but sustainable; exciting but not foreign. There are staples that are always a good option for coffee breaks such as boiled eggs and fruit; which leaves room to add something outside the box like mini bruschetta, or avocado brownies!

As a prime location for networking, your coffee break items need to be conversation friendly. This is not the place for a two handed sandwich or a large pastry that falls apart at every bite. It’s best to have small, bite sized items that are easy to grab and consume. We want our attendees meeting each other and sharing information – not spending their short break fiddling with their snacks. Tip for attendees: always try to keep a hand free while at the coffee break – you never know whose hand you’ll be shaking!

Dietary restrictions – as this topic is being discussed more and more, we cannot forget about our attendees’ dietary needs on the coffee breaks. Having milk alternatives are a must, but also think about your gluten sensitive, sugar-free attendees. Providing different options will allow those guests with restrictions to feel safe and welcome, allowing them to focus on the conference itself!

Keep the pace moving! Having a separate location for the beverages and the food items will ensure a continuous flow for your break station. They do not need to be placed far apart, but that separation will allow your guests to grab what they need and keep moving.

Here at White Oaks, we offer continuous coffee breaks to our conference guests! The breaks are available from 7:30 am – 4:30 pm, refreshed and replenished throughout the day. We change up the items depending on the time of day; providing fresh, wholesome products for your conference attendees to enjoy. You do not need to worry about selecting a menu – we do that for you! There are also options available to upgrade if you’re looking for an added boost. Ask your Conference Planner about the possibilities!

The selection at the coffee break is what is fueling your attendees, impacting their energy and comfort levels for your conference. Now, that’s powerful!

Alyssa is a detail-oriented, change-enthusiast who is always on the hunt for her next adventure. Planning conferences here at White Oaks gets her creative juices flowing - along with a little wine. Inspired by world travel and meeting new people, her meetings and events are sure to impress.