How to Make the Most out of Attending a Conference

How to Make the Most out of Attending a Conference

Whether this is your first time or 100th time attending a conference, you want to make the most out of your time there. Check out below for my quick “must-do” tips to make the most out of attending a conference!

Do your research. I can’t stress this enough! Make sure you know who is attending, what the topics are, what the purpose of the event is. This gives you a leg up on networking opportunities, sharing new ideas, and gives you a foundation to work from before you even arrive. Meeting Planners: Give your attendees the tools to succeed! Post the event agenda, speakers, VIPs for your event on the website or in the email blast.

Network. Meet new people; expand your horizons! You never know who you will meet. I have an entire blog post dedicated to this – check it out here!

Come prepared. Pack strategically for your clothing and personal items. Remember your notebook, a reusable water bottle, and portable phone charger. Clothing includes meeting wear, “going out” clothes, casual attire for in the room or the gym, and a bathing suit. You would hate to miss an opportunity to use the hotel amenities or meet with your peers because you didn’t bring the right outfit! Luckily at White Oaks, the Outlet Collection at Niagara is across the street if that situation happens to come up!

Explore the area. Usually conferences and meetings are in pretty cool places (like Niagara on the Lake, for example) – take the time to explore! Who knows when you will be back in that location. Check out my blog on different recommendations for exploring the Niagara Region, even if you are limited on time.

Follow-up. Review the new contacts you made, and say a quick hello via email or LinkedIn. Touch base with your boss and thank them for the opportunity of attending the conference. Those small notes go a long way, and you will be remembered for it!

Get excited about your opportunity to learn, grow and try something new! I hope you enjoy your next conference!

Alyssa is a detail-oriented, change-enthusiast who is always on the hunt for her next adventure. Planning conferences here at White Oaks gets her creative juices flowing - along with a little wine. Inspired by world travel and meeting new people, her meetings and events are sure to impress.