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concierge service flat tire help

At White Oaks Resort, our entire team is encouraged and empowered to look for opportunities in which we can completely “wow” our guests. Each month we hear all the wow moments and take a vote on which one we feel is the absolute best. Typically it evolves into quite an argument and ends up in three way ties and everyone wins. It sometimes can be very difficult to pick just one wow moment in a month but this “wow” moment takes the cake. 

We had a guest book a stay with us so that they could attend a family funeral in Niagara. Our guest departed the hotel to make his way over to the funeral when he noticed he had a flat tire. Once pulled over, completely unfamiliar with the area and now in risk of missing the funeral, the guest called the hotel to see if we could recommend a place to get his tire fixed. He called a family member who was coming to pick him up at the side of the road but, he was concerned about leaving his car. 

Our Chef Concierge, Andre Plouffe got the call and found out where the man was stranded. He told him to completely leave it in his hands. Andre drove to where the car was pulled over, rolled up his sleeves and changed the tire. He then drove the car over to Canadian Tire where they advised him of two options to replace the tire. Andre texted the guest, provided the options and advised Canadian Tire which option to proceed with immediately. Once the tire was fixed, Andre drove over and picked up the car, delivering the car keys into the guests hotel room. 

Our guest was able to put this unnecessary worry out of his mind on his already emotional and stressful day. Andre completely looked after the entire situation allowing our guest to focus on family. Of course, the guest was blown away and truly grateful. 

Andre can always be counted on to go the extra mile and we are thrilled to have him as part of our team!

Is a long, long, long time team member at White Oaks and managing editor. She is an expert at nothing but has an opinion on everything, which she is happy to offer for entertainment purposes only. Please don't take anything she says all that seriously. Seriously.



    3 August

    Good evening manager,

    Monday August 2, 2021 – 12:30 to 3:00 p.m. – I was at a shower hosted in your garden patio – exceptionally beautiful, service outstandingly excellent – our attendants Tristan, Anne and Delise (I may have her name incorrect). Very personable, caring, and attended to whatever we needed. Your chef absolutely excellent – I had the salmon and it was the best I have ever had. From the time we arrived to when we left – your staff were perfect hosts. My experience was overwhelmingly awesome!!

    I thank you and have shared my experience with my friends.

  2. Jason Dwyer

    4 August

    Wow! Thank you for the kind words Debbie… we have shared them with our team!