All Work, No Play? No Way!

For those seeking an inspiring venue for their next conference or day meeting…look no further. When you pair our diverse range of sunlit environs with continuous coffee break stations and dynamic team building experiences, it is always a recipe for success! 

Teaming at White Oaks provides groups with an array of engaging, skill enhancing and bond building activities for groups of all sizes. Are you ready to take your next corporate event to the next level? Have a look at this recent example of a fan favourite program – Shipwreck…


Make A Splash

On February 20th teams put their time management and design skills to the test in this engaging, and dynamic teaming challenge. Shipwreck is designed to encourage you and your team to think outside the box (literally) and use your creative minds to build a boat and paddle (made from cardboard) to race across our indoor saltwater pool!

The catch? Teams had to earn their boat building materials (cardboard, scissors, and duct tape) through completing two mentally intensive activities focused on trust, leadership, cooperation, planning, time management, and communication.

Once teams had gained their materials, they headed over to their building stations – cardboard, duct tape and scissors in hand – for some serious creative collaboration and clever construction efforts to build their boats. When time was up, the delegates ventured down to the pool and put their vessels to the ultimate test. One brave volunteer from each team entered a head-to-head paddle-royale across the pool as their team cheered them on, all the while thinking, will our boat be a success or a shipwreck?!

…in a matter of sink or sail do you think your boat would stand up against the rest?



Other Programs Offered

Water not your team’s thing? No problem! Our Teaming at White Oaks offers a wide variety of team building and recreation options to suit any group. Try one of these on for size…

Fitness and Sports – Workout exclusively with your group in our private fitness studios facilitated by our amazing trainers or take advantage of our multi-purpose gym for a dodgeball tournament!

Music Trivia – Compete in multiple rounds with a variety of trivia topics accompanied by live music. Did someone say karaoke? Teams can take this program up a note with karaoke between rounds!

Wine and Beer – Perfect for groups of 25 or more, this program will out your mind and your palette to the test! You and your team to taste several local wines and beers then match them to the descriptions provided.

Navigate Niagara – Track down landmarks, decipher clues and solve mind bending puzzles with your team to find your way to the finish line.

…and that is to just name a few. Our programs provide a great way for participants to work together in unique ways, in a non-typical working environment. We take care of all the details and completely customize the experience to each client to ensure all your needs are met. Our aim to strengthen relationships and deepen corporate culture within organizations in a fun, competitive, and thematic setting!

From time to time White Oaks shares contributions from tourism and promotional partners who share our passion for luxury experiences