About Us

Woahhh started as a web expansion of our fitness and lifestyle publication WO Magazine which we distribute twice a year to our local Niagara community.  In the process of creating this space, we realized that we have far more to share with the world beyond our fitness and wellness expertise.  Why, when we looked around, we saw expertise in food, conferencing, weddings, lifestyle, travel and spa-ing (is spa-ing a word?  can that be a verb?  I don’t really thinks so, that sounds weird.)  So we have invited contributors from our property and partnerships to post here and share with our readers some great tips, thoughts and advice.

White Oaks has been built on excellence in customer service, innovation, creativity and the drive to transform our customers with everything that we do in an atmosphere of luxury.  But what we know to be true is that our success truly stems from the genuine, warm individuals that make up our team.  Woahhh is an opportunity for our guests and customers to take a peek deeper into the soul of our brand and engage with our team of experts, learn something new or just have a laugh. If we’ve made your day better or transformed the way you think about something, we’d love to hear your comments.  And if you have a specific inquiry, contact us at woahhh